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Taste our selection of Tasmania's best seafood – enjoyed fresh on our deck or taken away for you to enjoy at your leisure.

From our farm

Starting with the freshest ingredients


Fresh by the dozen or half dozen; natural, poached or grilled.

We also have a constantly evolving selection of tasty hot and cold styles and dressings, including such favourites as  ginger and soy, native finger lime, kilpatrick and spinach and ricotta. 


Tasmanian blue  mussels are indigenous to Great Oyster Bay where mussels have been a staple food for thousands of years.   Freycinet Marine Farm is the only mussel farm in Tasmania, and prides itself on providing generous bowls of mussels; served simply steamed with lemon, or topped with our special tomato chilli sauce. Try Moules Marines, Mussels Espania,or one of many other delicious seasonal creations that our talented chefs provide throughout the year.


Our menu.

From our farm & from local Tasmanian  fishermen.

Oysters Natural - Lemon
6 | $16    12 | $28

Oysters Natural ‘Nam Jim’ - Thai Style Spicy Chilli Dressing
6 | $17   12 | $32

Oysters Natural ‘Freycinet’ Cucumber + Native Finger Lime, Bloody Mary Dressing, Sauce Mignonette
6 | $18    12 | $34

Oysters ‘Asian Style’ - Ginger +Shallot + Soy + Mirin
6 | $18    12 | $34

Oysters ‘Mediterranean’ - Spinach + Ricotta + Sourdough + Parmesan + Lemon
6 | $18   12 | $34

Oysters Kilpatrick - Crispy Bacon + Spicy Sauce
6 | $18   12 | $34

Mussels España - Tomato + Chipotle Peppers + Roasted Capsicum + Olives

Moules Marinière - Garlic + Cream + White Wine + Shallots + Parsley

Fish & Chips Local Crispy Fried Fish + Crunchy Chips + Tartare Sauce + Lemon

  Tasmanian Scallops (seasonal) 

          Focaccia + Garlic Butter  


Tasmanian Salmon Asian Slaw + Crip Noodles + Ginger + Soy

Daily Specials – We take great pride in our exciting and everchanging selection of specials listed on our black board, make sure you check it out on your next visit.

Freycinet Marine Farm is a restaurant and eatery that specialises in locally grown Pacific oysters and Tasmanian blue mussels, and other premium Tasmanian seafood.

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  • Mussels

  • Oysters opened

  • Oysters un-opened

  • Oysters prepared and ready to cook at home

  • Tasmanian Scallops

  • Fresh Prawns and Salmon

  • Rock Lobster cut, washed and ready to eat.

  • Sashimi

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